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WELCOME 01/10/2018
WELCOME TO THE 2018-2019 COURSE. Esna Idiomes welcomes its students to the 2018-2019 course.   Opening hours: T...
If you want to take Cambridge exams during this course, we remind you that there are many sessions available. For further information and registration click on the link below: 

At ESNA Idiomes, English is by far the most studied language.

Although English is the third most spoken language after Chinese and Spanish, the vast majority of web-pages, scientific articles, literature of all kinds, pop and rock songs, film productions, TV series, and even communication among people with different mother tongues take place in English.

As a consequence, nowadays it is de facto indispensable to know English.

At ESNA Idiomes we teach primary, secondary, and high school students so that they can be prepared for their exams and obtain the required level for their higher studies. 

We also prepare youngsters and adults for the Trinity College exams, for the various Cambridge exams (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, and CPE), as well as for the IELTS and TOEFL exams.

Other students do not necessarily have to sit an official exam but want to improve their level either for work-related purposes or for personal interest.

Be the goal what it may, ESNA Idiomes offers professional and experienced teachers as well as the necessary means and tools in order that the students acomplish their goals.

ESNA IDIOMES - C/ de l'AigŁeta, 4 1r- Tel. 807080 - AD500 Andorra la Vella